The Lockehill Extended Family

These people have played an important roll in my life with shelties. My daughter Donna Flynn grew up showing horses and did quite well. For ten plus years we owned horses and I enjoyed the competition as much as she did. When Donna went off to college and we sold the horses and a few years later I acquired my first sheltie, went to "puppy kindergarden", on to Obedience, and then Conformation and breeding.

I had a wonderful vacation with my daughter in May 2014. First time since she fledged that we were able to spend a week together, enjoying each other. The pictures follow this piece. In 2008 I went to the Canyon lands with my sister Fay and her husband Phil....never got those beautiful places out of my mind. I kept telling Donna that she had to see the Grand Canyon and Zion and all the beautiful places I had so enjoyed with my sister. And wha la....she took me up on it. My Mother's Day gift was an unforgettable return to Utah and Arizona. Scroll down to the end and enjoy!

Donna & Leroy

This is my daughter, Donna and her Fanny son Lockehill BadBad Leroy Brown.   He is “Dante” to her but will always be “Leroy” to me!  Leroy is my show pup who kept growing but we loved all 17" of him! He adored Donna but loved to come home to "Camp Run-A-Muck" for visits when Donna and her husband Hugh are off on vacation.

Right is dear Dante in his angel suit, he left us on February 11, 2011 at thirteen. Such a gentle soul, we will miss him. He is the last of his litter to go home and join Princessa, Roxie, and my dear Lottie. As my son-in-law Hugh remarked, I am sure Leroy and Lottie are now playing tandem in doggie heaven.


Donna & Leroy
Thanksgiving 2013: on the left is Hugh, my son-in-law and the un-sheltie Maggie, my granddog, with Gracie who really wants to get a kiss planted on Hugh.

Right is my daughter Donna and Lockehill Homerun Derby "Vladdy" enjoying a sunny crisp day in the dog paddock.


1987 ish.

This is my daughter, Donna and her Saddlebred gelding "George" and her Arabian "Banner". They were quite a pair, taking many wins in Show Pleasure Horse competition and Equitation.

Our last hurrah in horses and both were sold when Donna went off to College. It was a great time, good for body and soul. I still think that a great horse is the most magnificent animal that God put on this earth.

I like so many sheltie breedets got my desire to breed from having horses but not the room to expand. Dogs fit nicely in a car and don't weight 1000 pounds!

Allana Hemenway helped me through a very difficult time, took Lillianna home, whelped her litter and raised the pups for me. Her reward was "Summer" who she kept from the litter. Allana took her from a not so self assured pup to her championship. Here she is showing Ch Lockehill Careless Summer to a Major at the Dallas Specialty Nov 2007.   Allana has been showing my shelties for a few years now, they are always very well presented and much loved. She has shown Lottie to a group third. Allana finished Lottie, Lillie, and Layla for me.

Allana and her husband Dan of Atwater Shelties make quite a team and I know they will make a mark in the sheltie world.
Allana showing Lucy
Dusty Nancy Greer of Kirkfair Shelties with Lockehill Kirkfair Desperado, a Fanny son.

Nancy and I met in 1990 and she is the single person responsible for my sheltie afliction!  She is my mentor and beloved friend.  We spent countless hours going through Sheltie magazines, sitting ringside at shows explaining the ins and outs of the show ring to me.   I watched my first sheltie litter being born in her bedroom, an awsome experience. She was by my side when I whelped my first litter.  She suggested the breeding that resulted in my first champion.   She has always been there for me and I owe her so much.   She has moved to Ft. Worth and I miss her very much. 
Jackie Jackie Geister of Prairie Shelties with Texx and Sally, Megan kids.

Jackie is my partner in the sheltie world as well as a very dear friend. She has also mentored me and we co-own several bitches.  How many friends would get up at 2AM to drive you to the vet when you had a bitch in labor having trouble.  Not once but twice!!  She thinks nothing of driving with me to Dallas or Houston or wherever and back in one day to keep me company.   She is the Best, a once in a lifetime friend.

Barbara Wright showing Ch Chosen Kismet's Surprize

Barbara and I have become great friends in this game of dogs. She purchased Diedra (Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight) from me as a small pup and this began our shared sheltie experience. We later co-owned Diedra's sister Daisy and started co-breeding litters. Her champion Davis (Ch Chosen Dedication II) their sire, is prominent in my pedigrees.

Right is Barbara Wright taking Best in Sweepstakes under Judge Randall Carr.  Surprise also took a Major RWB and Best Puppy under judge Gayle Eads. Surprise is Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight's granddaughter.

Randy Carr sold me my first show quality bitch Stonehill Double Ur Pleasure "Molly" who is Ch Wisky's mom.  Randy gave me my start in shelties and is a good friend.  He did not know he was awarding his BIS to Molly's great great Grandaughter "Surprise" (Surprise-Ch Dyna-Ch Diedra-Fanny-Molly). Molly now has twenty five champion decendents and at least twenty others that are pointed.

When I was very ignorant as a beginner to this game, I thought Barbara was "stuck up" because she would not sell me a show pup to adorn my sofa. Now that I know what it takes to breed a champion, my attitude has complete changed and I regret the time lost when she could have been a superior mentor. She has the "eye" for a pup and I regret the times I did not follow her direction and grow out a promising pup that just didn't seem enough for me. I have learned to heed her advise! Things are getting better....

Sandy Staffan showing Whisky.

Sandy helped me a lot when I was first starting out..  She showed Whisky and Lottie and took Best of Breed with both of them from the puppy class. She is now an AKC judge and no longer able to show my dogs





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