My sister Fay Finch Kelley is also an accomplished artist, prefers oil on canvas. The following is a small sample of her work. I also draw and paint but have not done so in years. Recently I researched our family tree and found the source of all the talent...our mother! Emma May Finch was descended from a long line of artist, both on her mother and fathers side of the pedigree. I understand our great grandmother has paintings hung in a museum in the panhandle of Texas


Frances Kelley Art

My sister Fay is quite the artist also, her medium is a canvas instead of wood. For information and availability contact Fay Kelley by email at


Fay is shown in her Florida home studio. I see to the right of the picture there is one of her granddaughter's paintings.....ummm, another budding artist. Below is a sampling of Fay's artwork but there is so much more on her new web page. Her work will soon be included with other fine artist as she begins submitting her works in competitions. I am so proud of my siblings, brother Tom is very talented also but his craft is engineering, can not draw a straight line but sure could engineer one!

Fay was awarded a "Diploma of Excellence" by Petru Russu of the Art Addicition Online Gallery at the International Annual of Miniature Art 2014-2015 . . As a result Fay was invited to participate in the Museum, Artist Showcace, and appeared in their new deluxe, limited run collectors' edition book for contemporary artists, collectors, museums, galleries and bookstores

In 2018 Fay was chosen to illustrate "Thousands of Never Ending Stories" an children's book by Sylvia Palmer which was sold as a fund raiser by many charities including Reading Pals, Children's Movement, United Way and others.

Below is a sampling of Fay's art work


Fay has just begun entering art exhibitions in her new state of Florida as she is retired and has more time to devote to painting. The Redwings won "Diploma of Merit" at the Contemporary Fine Art International, Canyon Sunrise honorable mention in the juried Summer call to artist on line.

This Fall she will begin exhibiting in shows in earnest.




Left to right:

Crepes 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas

Hydrangeas 30 x 30 acrylic on canvas

Sunflowers 30 x 30 acrylic on canvas




Fay entered one of her Floral Series painting at her art club's annual show and took third place.

The painting on the right is sold but it is so lovely that I inclued it here.

Embassy Row Wisteria in Washington DC


far right "Monarch"


October 2019: Fay entered these pretty camelias in the Rejuvenation Show in Wnter Haven Florida and won 2nd place.

The piece is a continuation of Fay's Spring Series. Her flowers are so beautiful and unique and are usually sold quickly... "Caw Caw" never made it home from the show.

The pink Iris is done from a photo of an iris in my sister's garden.





Below is a sampling of Fay's work showing how she can go from traditional to abstract with ease. Very talented lady!


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