Performance Shelties from Lockehill

Lockehill Summer's Song NAJ "Caitlyn"

October 2. 2016: Pat writes " Caitlyn is making us proud!   3rd competition and she brings home her novice jumpers title. "


July 3, 2016 : Pat Knutson sent these photos of Caitlyn (Serena's litter sister) after she took first place in her first competition. She got her first Q and first place in Noveice Jumpers.

Looks like the new kid on the block is going to be a great competitor....well done Pat and Caitlyn.


November 16, 2015 Chris writes: "Ellie and Aedan have been representing Lockehill Kennels well. Aedan is getting faster and improving with every trial. He is now in Masters Jumpers and Standard. In fact, he only needs 3 more qualifying runs in both to get his Masters titles.  Ellie is also getting faster as she ages. She only needs 9 more double Q's to get her MACH 5, plus Ellie has qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals in Tulsa OK. This past weekend Ellie and Aedan competed in a USDAA trial. It's been 3 years since Ellie last competed in USDAA and it was Aedan's first time. They each did very well. Even though Aedan got only 1 Q,and first place, he ran very well and only had slight issues (dropped first bar, missing dogwalk contact) that prevented more. What was really impressive is that he, and Ellie, mainly competed in the tournament classes and Aedan held his own. Ellie had a really good trial. She came away with a 2nd place in Steeplechase, a 3rd in Grand Prix, and qualified in the Biathlon. She was the only 14' dog that qualified."

October 12-18, 2015

Lockehill Hollywood Cowgirl, OAP OJP CGC "Holly" with JR Minazzi and Lockehill Cowboy Casanova, MX MXJ CGC "Jacob" with Linda Minazzi

Jacob ran October 15-18 (only masters class ran Thursday the 15th).  He got a qualifying run (and 2nd place) in masters standard on Thursday earning him a bronze title.  On Saturday he got a qualifying run in masters jumpers.  Earned a total of 20 points towards his MACH.

Holly ran October 16-18.  On Friday she got a qualifying run in preferred open standard (2nd place) and a qualifying run in preferred open jumpers (1st place).  She ran the jumpers course in about half the allotted time (21.71 seconds on a 41 second course time running at 5.389 yards per second).  On Saturday she got a qualifying run in preferred open standard (1st place) and her preferred open standard title.  On Sunday she got a qualifying run in preferred open jumpers (1st place) and her preferred open jumpers title.  She will be running the same courses as Jacob from here on out, but in the preferred class.

October 11, 2015

Lockehill Celtic Fire OA OAJ OF "Sigheag"


Photo of Sidheag running like a happy girl. Robert Stewart writes: "She's getting there, a bit slower than I'd like, but, it's the old adage, slow and steady wins the race. If she does make it to MACH, it will in many respects mean more to me than all the accomplishment of the other dogs in my life. To that end once she gets AX and AXJ, we're dropping into preferred, since realistically, it might take a while. and that 8" jump height may well be our friend in the long haul. Yes, I do get frustrated, but try to never let her know it. and celebrate every victory and step forward!"

Looks like a bark with every breath....that means I am having a blast. Sigheag is Carrie's daughter.


May 11, 2015:Ellie is now MACH4 Lockehill Lady Elisabeth Bronte!

May 11, 2015: MACH4 Lockehill Lady Elisabeth Bronte, MXC, MJB2 "Ellie"shown on left and Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte AX, AXJ is on the right.

Christ writes: " Now introducing MACH4 Lockehill Lady Elisabeth Bronte! We had a couple of hiccups along the way but this past weekend Ellie earned her MACH4 title. She actually had a great weekend. Ellie qualified four runs out of four. Earning two 5th places and two 3rd places. Aedan also got a Q on Saturday earning a 2nd place in jumpers.

Ellie is Lovey's daughter and Adean is Carrie's son.

May 1. 2015: Christ writes: "Aedan and Ellie trialed this weekend.  Aedan had a great weekend. Not only did he receive his Excellent Std title (he got his Excellent jumpers title a couple of trials back), but today he earned his first double Q and first MACH points.  Taking two 3rd places in the process.  Not to be out done, Ellie also double Q'd today and got a 1st and 2nd place.  Ellie only needs one more double Q for her MACH4".

Chris Schaible

December 1 , 2014: Chris writes: "Aedan and Ellie are still tearing it up on the agility field.  Ellie got another 3 Q's, leaving her needing 7 double Q's for her MACH 4. Ellie has also increased her speed another notch.  She is now going nose to nose with the fast dogs in her jump height (she has run over 5 yps in her past 6 jumpers runs), stealing a top three placing on a few occasions.  Aedan got his Open Standard title and his first Excellent Jumpers Q.  He his now in Excellent Jumpers and Standard, with one leg towards his Excellent Jumpers title.  Their last show for the year is in Belton on December 13-14."

November 23, 2014: It was a great weekend for the Lockehill Agility contingent: Sidheag just completed her Open FAST title and her Open Standard title with Robert Stewart. Jacob got a double Q and several points toward his MACH with Linda Minazzi and Aedan (Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte NA, NAJ, OAJ) is competing at the Masters level with Chris Schaible. know they did well...waiting on news.

November 8, 2014: This past weekend Aedan (Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte NA, NAJ, OAJ) also got his Open Jumpers title and  he only needs one more Q for his Open Standard title. Chris is shown below putting Aedan through his course.

November 2, 2014: Robert Stewart writes, " When I go to an AKC trial with just Sidheag, she snuggles, sits in my lap, plays her favorite other people. And does excedptionally well." (Sidheag is Lockehill Celtic Fire)  
New title OAJ  She completed her Open Jumpers with weaves title this morning.  plus earned a leg in Open FAST and Open Standard. she is on her way!!!!! Sidheag had "shut down" and would not compete and Robert decided to rest her out for a time and let her mature. He writes "what I have learned from her and her personality, is, she HATES all kinds of correction, even simple correction, she actually is enjoying agility more now and she does not want to be trained and worked as much as my other shelties .... she's like "Okay dad, I got this something else"

October 26, 2014: Linda Minazzi showed Jacob (Lockehill Cowboy Casanova MX MXJ) in agility at the same show and got his Master Agility Title and a double Q toward his Championship.

October 26, 2014: Chris Schible writes: "Well, Aedan and Ellie hit the ground running at this past weekends Agility trial in Austin.  Ellie (MACH3 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte) earn a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, earning 55 MACH points in the process.  Aedan (Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte) did not want to be out done and earn three 1st places.  In addition, Aedan earned his Novice Jumpers title and the first Open Q legs in both Standard and Jumpers."

On 25 Oct 14 Linda Minazzi writes; "Saturday at the Collie Club of Austin Jacob Q'd and Placed 4th in Masters JW (Jumps with weaves) and got his NEW TITLE in Masters JW under Judge Courtney Moore. On 26 Oct 14 Sunday at the Colie Club of Austin Jacob doubled Q'd in Masters Standard (Judge Courtney Moore) and Masters JW placed Third (Judge Rachael Long)" Jacob now has 5 double Qs toward his MACH.

Holly has switch to Obedience competion to avoid the sharp timed turns which damaged her hind leg. She has Dermatomyositis, DM for short which affects her muscles and ligaments just enough to increase her chance of injury. She was very competitive and fast, often beginning her turns in mid air. In twenty plus years of breeding shelties, I feel fortunate to have only had this one case of DM. Fortunately she has the option to switch to Obedience competition...we will see what the future holds for this talented team but me thinks the second OTCH is in the works.

September 6, 2014: Robert Stewart writes: "I've started Sidheag (Lockehill Celtic Fire) in agility again. Now that she's more mature, she'd having a LOT more fun with it,  between yesterday and today, she completed her NA, and FN titles this transposes to novice standard and novice FAST. titles.  I'm very excited she's coming around very nicely that her brain has fully grown in....BTW she is simply the sweetest girl ever".

July 28, 2014: Chris and Sondra Schaible write: Aedan competed in his first trial this past weekend. Let's just say he represented the Lockehill name very well.  Aedan competed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Ellie competed Saturday and Sunday.  Aedan start a little nervous (he ran very clean, smooth, fast, and in control) on the first run but was back to his normal excited self after that.  The results for the weekend: Aedan received two qualifying runs in jumpers and two qualifying runs in standard.  Not to be out done, Ellie had a perfect weekend with two double Q's.  Ellie just needs 11 more double Q's for her MACH 4.  Their next trial is this weekend at Belton. 

May 2014: Miss Holly unfortunately has injured her rear leg and is out of Agility for now.

April 2-4, 2014: The Minazzis took Holly and Jacob to the Belton shows, Jacob got another Q in Masters Standard on Saturday.  He only needs one more in standard to get his Masters Standard title.

Holly wanted to outdo her uncle, and did just that.
On Friday she got first place, and a Q in Novice Standard.
On Saturday she got second place, and a Q in Novice Standard.
On Sunday she got first place, and a Q in Open Jumpers, and second place, and a Q in Novice Standard to get her Novice Standard title.
She will be competing in open Jumpers and Standard this coming weekend in Belton again.

January 7, 2014: Jacob and Linda got a double Q this past weekend to start the new year off right. Unfortunately, JR and Holly missed all the fun as she is recuperating from an injury sustained while at play with Jacob. It will be many weeks before she can run the courses again. Looks like April at this point, it is a soft tissue tear and will take time to heal. For now it is crate rest and laser treatments.....bummer!

November 2013:

MACH3 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte MXS MJC

Yes that is a smug look on Ellie's face....why not, just completed her MACH3 this weekend.

Chris writes " Well, my little girl did it.  Ellie got her MACH 3.  When a couple of people asked me how old she was it made me think back on how far we have come.  It seems like just yesterday I was introducing Ellie to agility, now she has her third MACH.  How time flies.  Ellie is well on her way for MACH 4. She has 512 points and 2 double Q's.  I have attached a picture of Ellie with her ribbon.  I have also attached a picture of Aedan with his littermate, Buddy.  He really loves Buddy.  Aedan gets Buddy about once a day and carries him around the house."




Lockehill Cowboy Casanova NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, and owner Linda Minazzi

Ch Prairie Chosen Legaxy x Lockehill Careless Love

Linda and her boy Jacob (left) entered their first AKC Agility event March 17 & 18, 2012 at the Hays County Civic Center. He was entered in two events on Saturday, and two events on Sunday. Saturday he qualified first place in Jumpers, and Sunday he qualified second place in Jumpers and first place in Standard. As you can see Linda is quite please with their first attempt and so am I! Way to go Linda and Jacob. And thank you JR for the great picture of your wife and Jacob. Bet you are proud of them both.

Nov 2, 2012 Jacob (right) placed first, and titled in Jumps with weaves in open class to get his OAJ. On Oct. 13th, Jacob placed first, and titled in Standard in open class to get his OA. He is now in Excellent A class for both Jumpers and standard.... I would say it was a great first year in this game!


MACH 2 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte, "Ellie"

Ch Stonerhaven Samurai x Lockehill Careless Love

Chris sends news on Ellie's 2011 year; " Well, another years has past and our little girl had a great year. Ellie is a healthy happy sheltie who has improve in the Agility ring all year. The result of all our work is her getting her MACH 2 this past weekend. Yes that's right, Ellie's official name is now MACH 2 Lockehill Lady Elisabeth Bronte.  In addition, she has consistently placed top 5, taking some 1st places along the way.  We are very proud of her and are looking forward to this year."

This is fabulous news! When Ellie was a wee baby, she was called "Peanut" because she was so small. She is a litter sister to Sabrina, who is just oversize. Ellie was not able to compete for dinner with her littermates and began to fade. She needed some intensive care so she joined Summer's younger litter at the Hemenway's home and thrived with the younger less agressive pups and with Dan's watchful support. I do not know what I would have done without Dan Hemenway who is the best nurse on the planet!


MACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte,"Ellie"

Ch Stonerhaven Samurai x Lockehill Careless Love

Ellie is a small sheltie, perfect for agility. Sondra and Chris Schaible tell me that Ellie is competing in agility and steeplechase and is enjoying the fun. Ellie has her Starters, Gamblers, and Snookers titles in USDAA

October 2009 and Ellie is still knocking them dead, taking many more first place wins. Ellie now has her first 11 points toward her MACH. Way to go Chris and Ellie. It was published June 2010 that Ellie obtained her MXJ title and she is still racking up those DQ,s!

October 2010, Ellie has qualified for the Sheltie Nationals and will be competing there. She is closing in on her MACH and looks to be the first MACH for Lockehill. I am so proud of Sondra and Chris to take their first agility dog all the way.

Ellie and Chris did it! she is now a MACH !




Now back in the "Olden Days"

Pandra's Kismet Kate, CD
Kismet's State of The Art x Starhaven's Katie BarTDoor

Katie, my first sheltie, when she won her first and second Novice A leg with an entry of 22 each day.  Her next time out she finished her CD with another first of 43 entries in her class.  Those were the days before Agility took off when so many competed in Obedience.

Katie was trained and ready for Open, my goal was three straight legs when a thougthless instructor “Proofed” her and she began to refuse for fear of failure.  I could never get her confidence back. 

Katie flamed the competition in my soul and began my sheltie addiction.



Chosen Legacy of Lockehill, CD

“Chloe” when we finished her CD.  Like her best buddy Katie, Chloe finished her CD in three straight shows.  Chloe was my second sheltie and the first to carry the Lockehill name. She and Katie both wait for me at Rainbow bridge.

Darn, sure wish I was still that skinny!