Performance Shelties from Lockehill



July 20, 2022: Just received this update and photo on the "Schaible Pack" from Chris. He runs four Lockehill shelties in Aglilty with his new pup waiting in the wings.. He also had MACH5 PACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth who passed away two years ago (see tribute below).

Lockehill Lady Arya Rose Bronte OA OAJ (top left)

Lockhill Atwater Windsong "Bree aka Charm"five months old (top right)

Lockehill Caelan Bronte "Caelan" just two and getting started (center)

Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte MX MXB MKJ MJB (inset photo lower left) He was on the sofa too but mostly out of the photo!


March 12 , 2022: Lockehill Hollywood Cowgirl NA NAJ AXP MJP OFP FCAT CGC TKI "Holly" (Ch Macdega Allegiance x Lockehill Jolene My Love)

Holly is an outstanding sheltie with an enormus heart and courage. She won her FCAT title at eleven years of age and is now retired. She had so many setbacks but kept on overcoming them. Holly has DMS (Dermatomyositis), a genetic disease that affects her skin and muscles. Over time she has had to retire from the rigors of Agility, a “game” she loved so much, because of injuries to her muscles and tendons. She wanted to compete so badly and had so much talent.

Note: we now have the genetic test for DMS so we can avoid breedings that will produce this autoimmune disease. Unfortunately the test was not available when I bred Holly but she turned out perfect anyway! The Minazzi's have kept her as well as possible and gave her every chance to "play the game". Such Great People!

January 30, 2021 Holly got her BCAT on December 5th 2020. Her fastest run was on January 23rd, where she ran 19.08MPH. The other two runs that weekend were 18.96 and 18.61 mph


In Fast CAT ( which stands for Coursing Ability Test), dogs run a 100 meter long straight course chasing a lure.  The faster the dog completes the course, the more points they get.  Points are calculated by multiplying their MPH by their handicap as shown below.  For example, when Holly ran 19.08 MPH, she earned 28.62 points because her handicap is 1.5.  Dogs that are 18" or higher at the withers have a handicap of 1.  Dogs between 12" to 18" at the withers have a handicap of 1.5, and the dogs that are below 12" at the withers have a handicap of 2. Holly completed her FCAT on March 12, 2022.

The following titles are earned when the dogs achieve the respective points:
BCAT = 150 cumulative points, DCAT = 500 cumulative points, FCAT = 1000 cumulative points


November 28 , 2020

NATCH-4 Lockehill Celtic Fire MXPB, MJP3, MJPB, MFP. PAX "Sidheag"

Robert writes: "Here's an update on Sidheag. fortunately we've submitted several video taped runs over the past year due to covid, and she earned her 2nd and 3rd NATCH but today was the 1st in person trial we've been to. 
Yesterday on her 10th birthday, she earned her 4th NATCH. I am with judge Mark Buehl. at the Bell County Expo Center. She is only a couple hundred points from earning a PACH. I am hoping for that this coming year!"

if you look really close, you'll notice she's wearing a little tiara! (best 10 dollars I've ever spent) I told her they are princess quality diamonds, and oddly she likes her picture taken with it on!"  Sidheag is a fantastic example of how you can overcome a timid dog's hesitation with patience and love. Robert, you are the best, never gave up on your little Princess and my how she blossomed.

Wow, Robert and Sidheag have been busy this year despite the COVID shut down. Good to hear the powers that be allowed video taped runs to be counted.

Sighead is just now starting to show a little grey on her face and at ten years young she deserves every one.

Congratulations to you both, I am very proud of you.



October 17, 2020: So hard to say goodbye to Jacob the super dog. He was just 11 years old.

Just a month ago he was running agility and winning his PACH2. At the end of his run he would not take his victory lap and J.R. knew something was not right, as if he was saying that he had given his all and could go no more. A trip to the veterinarian confirmed what they did not want to hear. Jacob had advanced prostrate cancer. How could a dog so sick keep going and of the game and love of the people he so wanted to please.

Jacob had a very good life full of fun, he never wanted for anything, and he was so loved and adored by his family, Linda and JR Minazzi. Jacob is survived by his sister Jolene, nieses Hollyand Emily, plus countless Lockehill cousins. His mother Lovey passed a year ago at 14 and his half sister Ellie, an accomplished agility champion, passed in May, see tribute below.

I sold Jacob as a conformation show prospect but he was returned to me because he went oversize. How fortunate for him because he was claimed by the Minazzi's and they decided to try their new sheltie in Agility. JR sent me this list of his accomplishments:

"Jacob has obtained many great achievements and experiences in his lifetime. He earned titles in obedience, herding, agility, trick dog, and therapy dog. He also competed in the 2019 AKC National Agility trial in Tulsa, Oklahoma placing 25 th in the nation for 12” preferred jump height dogs. He has served as a faithful companion, and a beloved part of our family for over 10 years. He got his PACH 2 the day after his 11 th birthday. We will dearly miss him and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to have him in our life. "



September 13, 2020


At the Alamo Area Toy Dog Club agility event September 11 th through 13 th , Jacob reached several achievements. Out of 14 runs, Jacob qualified 11 times. Out of those 11 qualifying runs he was able to grasp 2-1 st places, 5—2 nd places, 2—3 rd places, and 2-4 th places. Every qualifying run he was able to place. He also obtained 2 out of a possible 2 triple Q's and 3 out of a possible 3 double Q's. A triple Q is when a dog qualifies in standard, jumpers, and FAST in the same day. A double Q is when a dog qualifies in standard and jumpers in the same day.

His crowning achievement for that weekend was on Sunday on his last run of the weekend. He was able to complete his final double Q to qualify for his second Preferred Agility CHampion title (PACH 2).

Lockehill Hollywood Cowgirl NA NAJ AXP MJP OFP FCAT THDN CGC TKI


May 25, 2020:

MACH5 PACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte "Ellie"

It is with great sadness that I report that Lovey's daughter Ellie has passed. She was a very talented beauty who accomplished so much.

Chris writes "I wanted to let you know Ellie, our agility star, passed away Friday afternoon. Around 1:00 in the afternoon she went into a seizure and never came out of it. We went to our vet to put her to sleep. She was laying in my lap, looking like she was sleeping the whole way. Her last week was good, she got to do things she loved, play ball, go for a walk, and Thursday we played agility (which she was completely happy). She was a huge presence in our pack, and the other puppies are trying to figure out how to fill her daily jobs (keeping an eye on everyone during the day, and relax next to her humans when not on duty). I have attached a digital painting that I have been working and finished a couple of days before she left us. Chris Schaible

See Ellies many exploits in teh agility ring below

January 15, 2020: We start the new decade with word from Robert Steward that his little princess Sidheag is way up on the top 10 list. He writes "So the preliminary list for the NADAC top 10 has been published. OMG Sidheag is #13 in Chances Sheltie out of a literal ton of shelties! Way to my little princess"


March 15, 2019



Jacob entered his first AKC National Agility Competition on March 15-17, 2019 in Tulsa Oklahoma. He ran a total of 5 courses. The 1 st course on Friday morning was a warmup course in which he had a clean run. This was so that the competitors and their dogs could get a feel for the dirt that was used at the event. Later that day he ran a Premier Standard Course, one of the toughest courses in AKC. Only 14 out of 50 of the dogs in the 12 inch preferred class had a clean run. Jacob was one of these 14 dogs and was the 6 th fastest dog. On Saturday morning Jacob ran the Jumps with Weaves Course and had a clean run. (100 points) taking 17 th place out of 59 dogs. In the afternoon Jacob ran the Standard Course and dropped 1 bar costing him 5 points. On Sunday morning Jacob ran a Hybrid Course which is similar to a Standard Course. He did very well and had a clean run (100 points). He placed 12 th out of 59 dogs. Jacob's Cumulative Score for the weekend put him in 25 th place in his class.

Duane and Linda Minazzi pictured with Jacob right. Duane expertly directed Jacob through all his runs.

Below is Jacob running the course and enjoying every minuter of it. Jacob will be ten years young on September 9, 2019.

Proud of my "Granddog"? You bet!!!





March 3, 2019:

NATCH Lockehill Celtic Fire OA OAJ MXP XF MFP "Sidheag"

(Vogue Happy Camper x Chosen Lockehill Carrie On)

Robert Steward took his lovely little dinamo, Sidheag to Dripping Springs to run at the Austin K9Xpress Agility Club show and was rewarded with his NADAC Championship. His patience and love for this pretty little girl paid off and they are all smiles. I am so proud of this new Lockehill champion.

Left in the photo is Judge James Bell with Robert and NATCH Sidheag.

NADAC is the North American Dog Agility Council




December 2, 2018


Ch Prairie Chosen Legacy x Lockehill Careless Love

Today Jacob got his Preferred Agility Champion (PACH) title. What a wonderful birthday present for Linda (seated) and husband JR Minazzi.

Pictured from left to right standing are Donna Heavner of Rob Cary Kennels Training Facility and Dave and Trish Millmore of Eurodog Training Facility, AKC Judge Mr. Tom Slattery. Seated is Linda and JR Minazzi with their Jacob. Jacob and Jolene (right as pups) were bred by myself and were among my favorites. Eager to please, they are what makes the sheltie so much fun to train and show.




August 2018

Lockehill Celtic Fire OA OAJ AXP AJP "Sidheag"

Robert Stewart sends word that his little dianamo Sidheag has a new title. Master Agility Excellent Prefered on July 14, 2018!

Robert writes: "The Little Princess is coming into her own. It's taken a lot of time, and a lot of work, and I am so proud of how far she's come"

Robert has so much patience with Sidheag, she is not the bravest sheltie but she does love Robert and so wants to please him....way to go!


September 2017: It is with great pleasure that I announce that Linda Minazzi and Jacob completed his MACH. he is now MACH: Lockehill Cowboy Casanova MX MXS MXJ MJB NF CGC Am I bet!

The shelties all celebrated his big win with a group photo. On the table from left to right is Megan, her mother Jolene, and her grandmother Lovey.

In the grass from left is Emily (Lockehill Emily My Love NA OAJ), Holly (Lockehill Hollywood Cowgirl NA NAJ AXP MJP NFP CGC) and MACH Jacob

Jacob & Jolene are littermates from Lovey's first litter by Ch Prairie Chosen Legaxy. Holly and Megan are litter sisters and daughters of Jolene and Ch Macdega Allegiance. Emily is Jolene's daughter by Chateau Kismet Carry On Atwater.

Jacob is the second MACH for his dam Lovey.




March 11, 2017:

MACH5 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte MXS MJC

Ellie is now a MACH5 WOW!!!

She and Chris have made a solid team and now at ten years old, she has started to work toward a PACH.

Her cousin "Aedan", Lockehill Aedan Kristofer Bronte will be a MACH soon and then there is "Ayra Rose" Lockehill Ayra Rose Bronte, the little upstart coming in the wings.

Looks like another Lockehill threesome headed for the stratosphere

UPDATE: Ellie won her PACH in 2018 and at eleven years old, she is now retired. Ellie shared the same mother as Jacob and Jolene above.


November 2013:

MACH3 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte MXS MJC

Yes that is a smug look on Ellie's face....why not, just completed her MACH3 this weekend.

Chris writes " Well, my little girl did it.  Ellie got her MACH 3.  When a couple of people asked me how old she was it made me think back on how far we have come.  It seems like just yesterday I was introducing Ellie to agility, now she has her third MACH.  How time flies.  Ellie is well on her way for MACH 4. She has 512 points and 2 double Q's.  I have attached a picture of Ellie with her ribbon.  I have also attached a picture of Aedan with his littermate, Buddy.  He really loves Buddy.  Aedan gets Buddy about once a day and carries him around the house."


MACH 2 Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte, "Ellie"

Ch Stonerhaven Samurai x Lockehill Careless Love

Chris sends news on Ellie's 2011 year; " Well, another years has past and our little girl had a great year. Ellie is a healthy happy sheltie who has improve in the Agility ring all year. The result of all our work is her getting her MACH 2 this past weekend. Yes that's right, Ellie's official name is now MACH 2 Lockehill Lady Elisabeth Bronte.  In addition, she has consistently placed top 5, taking some 1st places along the way.  We are very proud of her and are looking forward to this year."

This is fabulous news! When Ellie was a wee baby, she was called "Peanut" because she was so small. She is a litter sister to Sabrina, who is just oversize. Ellie was not able to compete for dinner with her littermates and began to fade. She needed some intensive care so she joined Summer's younger litter at the Hemenway's home and thrived with the younger less agressive pups and with Dan's watchful support. I do not know what I would have done without Dan Hemenway who is the best nurse on the planet!


MACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte,"Ellie"

Ch Stonerhaven Samurai x Lockehill Careless Love

Ellie is a small sheltie, perfect for agility. Sondra and Chris Schaible tell me that Ellie is competing in agility and steeplechase and is enjoying the fun. Ellie has her Starters, Gamblers, and Snookers titles in USDAA

October 2009 and Ellie is still knocking them dead, taking many more first place wins. Ellie now has her first 11 points toward her MACH. Way to go Chris and Ellie. It was published June 2010 that Ellie obtained her MXJ title and she is still racking up those DQ,s!

October 2010, Ellie has qualified for the Sheltie Nationals and will be competing there. She is closing in on her MACH and looks to be the first MACH for Lockehill. I am so proud of Sondra and Chris to take their first agility dog all the way.

Ellie and Chris did it! she is now a MACH !




Now back in the "Olden Days"

Pandra's Kismet Kate, CD
Kismet's State of The Art x Starhaven's Katie BarTDoor

Katie, my first sheltie, when she won her first and second Novice A leg with an entry of 22 each day.  Her next time out she finished her CD with another first of 43 entries in her class.  Those were the days before Agility took off when so many competed in Obedience.

Katie was trained and ready for Open, my goal was three straight legs when a thougthless instructor “Proofed” her and she began to refuse for fear of failure.  I could never get her confidence back. 

Katie flamed the competition in my soul and began my sheltie addiction.