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We usually breed one litter a year and breed to The Shetland Sheepdog Standard. I breed for myself first and showing dogs is my passion but we have puppies available occasionally. To navigate around just click the live links and pictures...have fun! To reached me by telephone call 830-885-7547 or email at .

The following shelties are the result of twenty five years of breeding the best I could. I have always done genetic testing and health of the sheltie is my number one goal. The Families who have adopted my "retirees" and pups have loved their Lockehill shelties and have often come back for more. To view some of twenty five years worth of past Lockehill Puppies click on the picture of "Dante pup "

Warning: several brokers and volume breeders over the years have stolen my puppy photos and represented them as their own. Please go visit your breeder, never buy a pup sight unseen and never trust a broker or a breeder that uses brokers. I cannot believe a person would buy a life long companion as if it were a book! ... take heed, the picture you see may not be the puppy you get!


Don't forget to "refresh" this page for current information as it changes often!


I do not have any pups available now but plan to breed again in the Fall. Serena whelped a litter of four on June 7. 2016. Scroll down to follow the progress of this litter. Donna Sammons in Waco has pups available, scroll down for contact information.




August 8, 2016: The two Serena pups that are going to show homes. Left is Brianne and right is Alice. It was closed to 100 degrees and the pups did not want to be still...they wanted inside in the A/C. They are 9 weeks old, walking on lead but NOT table stacking very well.

All pups in this litter are sold, I plan to breed Megan in the Fall.

Scroll down to see how this litter progressed week by week.




August 14 , 2016: Brianne and Alice at 10 weeks....still looking good.

Alice is a comedian, loves to entertain herself. She throws toys in the air and boxes them around. Brianne is more serious, prefers to chew up my shoes, loves to play fetch....much more focused in her lessions. Alice is much more like her mom Serena who was a big kid who drove me crazy until she was a year and a half old. The whole litter was quiet, never cried, rode in the car with not a whimper, hardly have heard a bark from them such a pleasure to have around.

Have to say, Alice makes me laugh, will miss her when she is gone.... will miss them both. Will keep you posted on their show careers.




May 12 , 2016: Megan's daughter Serena is in whelp.

I was so pleased with Megan's pups by DJ that I bred her daughter Serena to him. Serena's sire is GCH Atwater's High Noon At Lockehill "Cooper". Serena is pictured on the left when she was seven months old.

Right is Ch Paray's Panasonic "DJ"when he finished his championship with back to back majors at our Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Specialty Feb 2016. I am happy to report that Serena is pregnant and due to whelp in mid June.





June 10, 2016: Serena whelped her brood on June 7th...three girls and one boy. All are doing very well.

As you can see, they are all pretty with big white collars. They are strong, sleek, and fat. Serena is a very good mom just as her mother is. She seems quite pleased with her pups.

Will try for better photos when we have better light.








June 24, 2016: Pups opened their eyes on Tuesday. I could not get a good pictures as they are also beginning to walk. If their eyes are open, they are moving.

Better photos when I can get them.




June 29 2016: Pups having first solid meal. Arrow marks the boy. Not to sure whether to look Mr. Penguin in the eye. Far right, little girl taking it all in.

the pups were three weeks old yesterday and they are starting to play. In the next week they will start to explore and spend more time awake.

wish I had a better camera.



July 6, 2016: First day out on the porch. It is 6:45am so not much light to get photos. Too hot to wait for later. All my plants are fainting from the heat and I sure don't want the pups to get too hot. All they have known is A/C.

The pups are four weeks old and playing with toys but given the chance, they would rather pester mom.

Center is Alice, the big girl, taking it all in. Far right is mom Serena enjoying some outside time with her pups. She is in the process of weaning them as they are eating moist kibble now.


July 14, 2016: My how we have grown!

First there is Davy looking his pretty self. The pink nose will turn black soon. Then middle is Alice showing no fear of the wiggle board.

Far right are the whole group being still for a second. Top is Alice then Cathy and Brianna (brown leg) and right is the boy Davy.

BELOW: the pups brave the heat and enjoy their first trip outside to the puppy pen. A fan & bowls of ice help cool off. Could not resist Alice with the mushroom (my stool). They also experienced grass for the first time.



July 19 , 2016 The pretty boy Davy missed the photo shoot as Dan & Allana were here for the first look at the girls.

The pups are six weeks old today and I am having a problem sorting these three girls out. One is promised to a show home and now in the next few weeks, we need to decide which of the three has the most promise.

They are too young to set the ears which are just now starting to migrate up to the top of their heads. The ears are so important to expression. It is too soon to get a real handle on size also but Brianne the pup on the right looks like she may be a bit large.



July 29 , 2016 We have had a break in the heat wave so the pups are spending more time in the puppy pen. Here they are running laps around the old fire pits. Brianne, then Davy (now Elvis, his new owners call name....well he does croon) and Alice making the corner.

Our new adventure is the smokehouse door. It does not take long for them to feel the cool air coming from the opening. After they learn to go in & out through the opening, I let the pet door flap down. The pup in the door is not deformed, it is one coming out and one going in! The old smokehouse has a concrete floor and a window A/C which keeps them cool. They run, get warm, and head for the cool...pretty sharp pups. Learned the system in a few minutes.

Sure will be glad when the tail rudders go down.


August 1, 2016: Brianne and Alice at 8 wks. Both are going to show homes and I bet they will be champions some day. I will be training the girls to walk on lead and show bait for a couple of weeks then they are off to Allana's home to learn ring manners. One of the girls will be going to Canada!

The other two pups, Cathy, now Stella, and Davy who is now Elvis will go to their new families this weekend.






Megan's litter of six born October 26, 2015. three male and three female. To follow the progress of this litter, scroll down.



October 27 , 2015: Megan's pups are one day old today. She is a happy mom as you can see from this photo. She has 3M 3F and all are doing fine. Her little 2 1/8 once girl is hanging in there with the help of a bottle. She is strong for her size but no match for the big ones and needs assistance.

Right is their father, Paray's Panasonic "DJ". He is a young dog just starting his show carear and I feel sure he will finish his championship. This is his second litter.





November 15 , 2015: Megan's pups are three weeks old tomorrow and had their first rice cereal this morning. Mom cleaned them up really good and their faces are still wet. Just moved them to the 4x4 step over pen so mom can come and go as she pleases.

I like to let mom have the freedom to get away from her brood for a rest so she is not confined with them except at night. It is my experience that allowing her freedom results in a mom that enjoys her pups. If they even squeek, she is in to check on them. It also allows the smaller pups to get their share of mom. The bigger stronger pups can get over to mom and suck on her all the time giving her little rest. but when she steps in to feed, she makes sure all are with her. As you can see, the pups are doing quite for me!





November 17 , 2015: Pups having lunch....arrows show sex of each pup. The pup in the lower left is Tess the wee 2 1/8 once pup and you can see she is catching up

Far right is Sally playing with a toy. At just 3 weeks old she is very active they are all play bowing and wrestling with one another. About two days ahead of schedule.





November 23 , 2015: Megan's pups are four weeks old and getting very playful. Normally they make their first excursion onto the porch at this time but it is too cold. Have to take the photos by window light and hope they will be still. The first photo, mom barked at the window and they did the puppy freeze. Second photo they are wrestling.

Until they get their new names, ther are front row from left, Blondy, Tess (the small girl who caught up) and Sally. The back are George "kiss the girls", back to us Pretty boy Floyd, and just plain Kim with almost no white.




November 26 , 2015: First time out on the porch. Megan is with them so they are secure. Didn't take them long to go exploring the new sounds and smells. It is warm today ahead of a cold front that is due to bring storms this evening.

As you can see they are getting a lot of hair! The pups are 4 1/2 weeks old and mom is starting to avoid them. They are pigging out on puppy food so I let Megan wean them on her own which is about five + weeks. She spends time with them until they fledge.




December 3, 2015: Porch play with new toys! Pups are 5 1/2 weeks old

The snowman will not stay white long, he will soon be newspaper print gray like the pups.

Right Georgie is checking to see if the penguin wants to play.





December 7, 2015: Six weeks old and first day in the play yard. Wow the sun is great! All these new textures to feel and taste.

Mom came with us so we could be very brave, didn't take long to start exploring the area and finding new toys that make a lot of noise.

Hear tell we are getting a bath tomorrow....uggh





December 20 , 2015: Megan's daughters Sally and Tess at eight weeks old. These are the two girls I plan to grow up as show prospects. Tess (plain face) was the tiny 2 1/8 once pup...she has certainly grown up to be a nice girl. Picture on right is Sally with the white line on her forehead.

The other pups have been promised and will be leaving for their new homes right after Christmas.

Sorry to disappoint so many folks, I know it is hard to find a nice sable pup. will breed Serena next Summer.



Notice to all Sheltie Lovers: Please do not use the product Trifexis for Heartworm appears to be is causing great harm to many shelties. At first I thought it was a rumor but too many sheltie breeders are reporting that they are having severe reactions to this product including some deaths. The reactions can be immediate or delayed for months until your dog is too debilitated to recover. It is also causing seizures in shelties. Use a single ingredient heartworm product and a topical for fleas and space them out do not use a combination. All my current shelties are MDR1-N/N but that does not seem to change the fact that they react negatively to Trifexis.


Well this page was getting so large that it was slow to load so we are in the current year now, all the other pups are all grown up now!

How time passes, Layla to the far left and Lovey to the far right are the only girls still living with me. All the others are in retirment homes.

I have reduced the number of shelties I keep here at Lockehill and plan to keep just three to four shelties. I retired in 2010 and no longer have a paycheck so I can no longer afford the cost of breeding and showing on a larger scale. It has always been a labor of love, always in the red ink. My paycheck always subsidized my dogs, never the other way around.

The constant assault by the anti-animal zealots, with their onerous laws and impossible to comply with regulations has worn me down (which is their goal). I, like so many reputable breeders, am done with the hassle. It will soon be very difficult to find a nice sheltie, or any other purebred dog for that matter, that was not born in a "factory store" with no socialization...never allowed to dig a hole, play in the leaves, or bury a bone! Born in a sterile environment instead of the soft bedding in the corner of the bedroom...never allowed to "live" in their breeders home or enjoy the company of the other shelties.

The "Too Cute" breeders you see on TV will be no more as the average house cannot be converted to a USDA compliant facility. Federal standards for licensed facilities dictate sanitation measures not feasible in a normal home, surfaces that are impervious to moisture, that must be steam cleaned at 180o, ventilation, bio-hazard control, separate waste disposal systems, diurnal lighting, drainage systems, washrooms, isolation measures, etc. etc.

Good honest breeders who care for their dogs will be hurt, the hoarders and puppy mills will just go underground and keep on doing what they do now because they don't care. They sell their pups through brokers or pet shops so they cannot be located. There are laws enough now to do away with them that are not enforced. Meanwhile the curr dogs born under the porch and allowed to roam intact will always be around and you will be made to feel obligated to adopt them and made to feel guilty for choosing a purebred....gardening is so much easier!

As of late, the "rescue business" has grown so profitable that dogs are being imported from foreign countries. In 2015 a shipment of dogs from India with falsified papers were found to have rabies. They import dogs from Mexico regularly and send them to rescues in the north were "strays" are hard to come by. Just try to get your lost dog found! if it ends up in a rescue, a purbred is big business and your chances are slim. I microchip all my puppies before they leave my home in hopes that if lost, someone honest will read the chip and get it to its owner.

Warning: (Any State they all go to the same place) Sheltiepupforsale or is a broker with pet mill pups of very poor quailty He is alway the first paid sight and you can name any breed and any state and it will go to the same site.. out for this guy! I look at the prices on those poor quality pups and am aghast!

Although the breed specific location sites are normally well run, there are "all breed" Puppy Find or Puppy Locator sites popping up on the web everywhere, they think they are a service but they are filled quickly with volume breeders. I get unsolicited invitations to join them often but I do not care to be included with a list that often is dominated by the volumn breeders. In most cases, the site owners DO NOT check out who joins the site, it is open to anyone. Often I am included in their listings without my permission. It is getting hard to avoid the traps as they usually are the paid sites that pop up first in the search be careful and use your head. The cute picture you see may not be the puppy you get. Beware the site that offers multiple breeds and never take a puppy that you cannot visit at the kennel where it was born and raised! The safest bet is to go to the local Club (in my case Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Club or the parent American Shetland Sheepdog Assn club website for a referral

FAQ: The Humane Society of US, HSUS spend less that 1% of their budget on animal rescue, the rest is spent on exorbitant salaries and lobbing.

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